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At JGS Foods, we believe that our Women and Men in uniform deserve the same high-quality products that our families serve and dine on in our own homes. As such, we provide


Providing the Finest Center-of-the-Plate Proteins Worldwide

JGS Foods is a Native-American Service-Disabled-Veteran-Owned Small Business with a longstanding reputation for honesty, integrity and 24/7 client service. Our passion and meticulous attention to detail are the foundation for the establishment and ongoing long-term commitment to our many Prime-Vendor Client/Partners and ultimately our Troops.

Why Choose Us


Unsurpassed Quality

JGS Foods is a world class provider of fine products that set the standard in taste, quality and consistency. Starting with a stringent selection of the highest quality raw materials, we take ownership of the entire production process. All of our orders are custom made thereby ensuring the freshest product as well as a maximum shelf-life.


An Award-Winning Small Business

During the Afghan War, JGS Foods was proud to be the # 1 Bulk Ground Beef Servicer/Provider in worldwide Military sales for several years. Our proven track record in terms of both capacity and capability show that while we may be a small business we do very big things. Our quality, attention to detail, competitive pricing, strict standards as well as our value-added-hands-on approach are rigorously maintained. As such, for several years, JGS has been recognized as a Top 100 Military Food Supplier as published in Government Food Service Magazine. JGS also prides itself on being a “Green-Light” Vendor.


Giving Back To Our Client/Partners

JGS Foods proudly participates in the U.S. Department of Defense Office of Small Business Programs “Indian Incentive Program” (IIP) wherein our Client/Partners receive, via the program, a 5% rebate of gross invoice purchases from our Native-American-Owned organization. One of the many value-added components of JGS Foods is to assist our Client/Partners in expediently navigating this process.

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