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Exceptional Product Quality And 100% Satisfaction Are Of The Utmost Importance To JGS Foods

A Variety of NAPA-Approved Premium Beef Products

1)BEEF LOIN, CHOICE 8 OZ. T-BONE STEAK, 1" TAIL11748 OZ.2010.0010418J8905-01-E61-8264
2)BEEF LOIN, CHOICE 10 OZ. T-BONE STEAK, 1" TAIL117410 OZ.1610.0010410J8905-01-E61-6918
3)BEEF LOIN, CHOICE 12 OZ. T-BONE STEAK, 1" TAIL117412 OZ.1410.0010413J8905-01-E61-7235
4)BEEF LOIN, CHOICE 16 OZ. T-BONE STEAK, 1" TAIL117416 OZ.1010.0010208J8905-01-E61-6920
5)BEEF RIB, CHOICE 8 OZ. RIBEYE ROLL STEAK, BONELESS11128 OZ.2010.0010208J8905-01-E61-6920
6)BEEF RIB, CHOICE 12 OZ. RIBEYE ROLL STEAK, BONELESS111212 OZ.1612.0012210J8905-01-E61-7241
7)BEEF LOIN, CHOICE 8 OZ. C/C STRIP LOIN STEAK, BONELESS1180A8 OZ.810.0010105J8905-01-E61-7234
8)BEEF LOIN, CHOICE 10 OZ. C/C TOP SIRLOIN STEAK, BONELESS1184B10 OZ.8452.0010328J8905-01-E61-7237
9)BEEF BRAISING STEAK, SWISS, CHOICE 6 OZ., PORTION CUT11026 OZ.2710.0010706J8905-01-E61-7679
10)BEEF BRAISING STEAK, CUBED, CHOICE 4 OZ.11004 OZ.3610.0010725J8905-01-E61-7680
11)BEEF BRAISING STEAK, CUBED, CHOICE 6 OZ.11006 OZ.2710.0010726J8905-01-E61-7681
12)BEEF FOR STEWING, CHOICE BEEF DICED STEW MEAT, 1" CUBES135A80/BULK2 / 5 #10.0010605J8905-01-E61-7232
13)BEEF CHUCK, CHOICE SHOULDER CLOD ROAST, BONELESS114B80 -1607 (AVG)53.00 (AVG)10230J8905-01-E61-7233
14)BEEF TOP ROUND, (INSIDE), CAP-OFF ROAST169A144 - 2563 (AVG)43.00 (AVG)10241J8905-01-E61-7239
15BEEF ROUND, TOP (INSIDE), UNTRIMMED ROAST1681,184(AVG)3 (AVG)74.00 (AVG)10243J8905-01-E62-4076
16BEEF ROUND, CHOICE KNUCKLE (TIP) PEELED ROAST167A160 - 2244 (AVG)53.00 (AVG)10300J8905-01-E61-7238
17BEEF RIB, RIBEYE ROLL, (LIP OFF), BONELESS112128 - 1926 (AVG)53.00 (AVG)10250J8905-01-E61-7240
18BEEF BRISKET, BONELESS, CORNED, DECKLE-OFF601144(AVG)6 (AVG)48.00 (AVG)90003J8905-01-E61-7242
19BEEF ROUND, (STEAMSHIP), SHANK OFF, PARTIALLY BNLS ROAST1601,120(AVG)170.00 (AVG)90000J8905-01-E61-6919
20BEEF, GRD, BULK, FZN, 85 % MIN LEAN, 4/10 LB PG, N # 136136640/BULK4/10 LB40.0079183020068905-01-E61-6921
21BEEF, GRD, PATTIES, FZN, 85 % MIN LEAN, 4 OZ., N #113611364 OZ4/10 LB40.0079183020158905-01-E61-6922
22BEEF, GRD, BULK, FZN, 90 % MIN LEAN, 4/10 LB PG, N # 136136640/BULK4/10 LB40.0079183020178905-01-E62-1286
23BEEF, GRD, PATTIES, FZN, 90 % MIN LEAN, 4 OZ., N # 113611364 OZ.4/10 LB40.0079183020168905-01-E61-8265

Tender Juicy And Flavorful Pork Products

25PORK SPARERIBS4164.3 & DN13(AVG)53(AVG)40352J8905-01-E61-6925
26PORK SPARERIBS, ST. LOUIS STYLE416A4.8 & DN30(AVG)31(AVG)40341J8904-01-E61-7247
27PORK LOIN CHOP CC BONE IN14126 OZ.2710.0040182J8905-01-E61-6924
28PORK LOIN CHOP CC BONELESS1412E6 OZ.14755.0040167J8905-01-E61-7246
29PORK LOIN, CC, BONELESS, BUTTERFLY CUT412E80 - 1607(AVG)53(AVG)40156J8905-01-E61-7243
30PORK DICED, 1"X1"X1" CUBES435112/BULK855.0040647J8905-01-E61-7244
31PORK LEG, (FRESH HAM) TRIMMED, TIED402E96 - 1606(AVG)43(AVG)40115J8905-01-E61-7245
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