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JGS Foods foundation lies on 80 years of collective hospitality/foodservice industry experience. Our CEO, Grady Renville, a Dakota Sioux, Omaha and Seneca-Cayuga Native American, faithfully and honorably served in three of the four branches of the U.S. Military. Born into a lineage rich with warrior culture, he has had family members who have served, and some of whom who have perished, in every war and conflict this country has known since the Great War. Grady was honorably discharged in November 1967. Grady’s subsequent business acumen was honed in numerous successful restaurant and food-service ventures right up to the time that he became the CEO of JGS foods.

Our Mission

JGS Foods prides itself on its foundation of the “client is always right” and that “failure is not an option”. JGS produces a full line of Center-Of-The-Plate Beef and Pork products as well as Bulk Ground Beef and Hamburger Patties. We believe that honesty, integrity, honor, dedication and Justice through a commitment-to-service are not just words but a credo to live by.


What Makes Us Different


Client Driven Philosophy

JGS Foods takes great pride in being client-service-oriented industry leaders. Consistently our dedication to our client/partners has proven itself to be hands-on, solution-oriented and available 24/7. We are 100% committed to our Warfighters.

Our hard work and dedication focuses on illuminating our core-values; dedication to our client/partners, creative solutions, superior product quality, competitive pricing and unparalleled client service. We will serve as a branch of your office by listening and striving to understand your needs, formulating an action plan, and implementing that plan to come to a successful resolution.

Tell us what you want. Let us help you. Our ultimate goal is long term partnerships and as a member of the "JGS Foods Family", we strive for complete satisfaction of your needs, your requirements and your desires.


What Makes Us Unique

JGS Foods has shown to be an invaluable Vendor/Partner over the years. We have a proven track record of Source-Loading in any quantity required and our capacity and capabilities have never been strained. During times of Surge & Sustainment, we have risen to the challenge and have never left our Troops wanting.
JGS Foods is the only company that not only serves the Warfighter but also our children. Our Chicago plant is a dedicated facility that only produces Bulk Ground Beef and Hamburger Patties. As such, we use only the finest raw materials with no fillers, trim-meat or additives thereby setting the standard in appearance, texture and flavor. The same exceptional quality product that we provide for the Troops, we also provide for our kids via the USDA AMS School Lunch Program.


State-of-the-Art Facilities

Our brand new 150,000 sq. ft. state of the art manufacturing and packing facility in Omaha, NE, and our separate and dedicated Bulk Ground Beef and Hamburger Patty processing facility in Chicago, IL, set the industry standard as being the pinnacle of efficiency. With full-time, on-site USDA inspectors and stringent HACCP plans intact, we utilize the latest computerized cutting technology thereby ensuring consistent, uniform, high-quality products with strict adherence to Military Specifications.

JGS Foods maintains a diverse product catalog that DFAC Managers have consistently utilized on their menu’s. As such, we strive to be your “one-stop shopping” experience.

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